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Customize and Extend Envoy Proxy with WebAssembly
Envoy Proxy is the go-to proxy for cloud-native environments for its speed and extensibility which has made it a popular choice as a proxy at the edge and as sidecars for service mesh.

Envoy proxy’s extensibility comes in the form of filters which are written in CPP and compiled directly into an instance of Envoy. This limits the accessibility to developers who know CPP and requires maintaining and shipping different versions of the Envoy Proxy code. WebAssembly support is working to make this process easier and accessible to more people by allowing filters to be built in your favorite language (CPP, Rust, TinyGo and more), precompiled into WASM, and then run in a WASM vm inside of Envoy. 

This webinar will cover:
* Overview of WebAssembly, use cases and benefits
* How to build, share and use Envoy filters with WASM
* Overview of WebAssembly Hub
* Live demos

Feb 6, 2020 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Christian Posta
Field CTO @Solo.io
Christian Posta (@christianposta) is Global Field CTO at Solo.io, former Chief Architect at Red Hat, and well known in the community for being an author (Istio in Action, Manning, Istio Service Mesh, O'Reilly 2018, Microservices for Java Developers, O’Reilly 2016), frequent blogger, speaker, open-source enthusiast and committer on various open-source projects including Istio, Kubernetes, and many others. Christian has spent time at both enterprises as well as web-scale companies and now helps companies create and deploy large-scale, cloud-native resilient, distributed architectures. He enjoys mentoring, training and leading teams to be successful with distributed systems concepts, microservices, devops, and cloud-native application design.
Eitan Yarmush
Software Engineer @Solo.io
Eitan Yarmush is a software engineer at Solo.io working on all things Kubernetes and Service Mesh. Prior to Solo.io, Eitan was a full stack web developer at Athena Health and completed various engineering internships. Originally from New York, Eitan completed his computer science degree at the University of Texas at Austin. Eitan is passionate about software's ability to make people more productive, especially the potential of open source software.